Zero waste csomag-Natúr

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Reusable shopping bag and bread bag

  • If you want to take a step towards a zero-waste lifestyle, this package contains everything you need to get things going.

    1pc bread bag 45x36cm "CRUMB"
    1pc small (25x30cm) and 1pc large (32x37cm) grocery bag with fruit pattern "HARVEST"
    1pc small (25x30cm) and 1pc large (32x37cm) grocery bag with vegetable pattern "HARVEST"

    Take them with you on your shopping and use it for storing vegetables, fruit and your favourite bakery products.

    The bread bag "CRUMB" keeps baked goods fresh for days. Products stay tender and won't go bad so quickly.

    Roll down the top of the bread bag for as small as you need, leaving little air inside. This way you ensure keeping the bread fresh.
    Recommended for everyday use, 3-5 days storage.

  • Out of every purchase of the Zero Waste bundle, we donate 5% of its price to SOS Gyermekfalvak foundation. This way we aim to help as many children in need as possible, to give them a chance to find the loving home they deserve.

  • Material:
    100% Cotton Canvas, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 rated
    Bread bag lining: 100% polyester, PUL: textile laminated with a polyurethane layer, water resistant, antiallergenic, food-safe, does not like cold and high humidity. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 rated
    Ribbon and cord: 100% cotton

    OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 rating: 
    Textile that is tested and does not contain harmful additives

    Thanks to Orsi Varsányi for the lovely graphic design.

  • Cleaing:
    Gentle wash at 30C°. Do not iron. The lining can be cleaned with a damp cloth easily.
    Rinse aid and machine drying is not recommended.
    The bags may contract somewhat after the first wash. So they are sold slightly bigger than the above sizes.